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How to Play Blackjack Online

It doesn’t matter if you play online or in a traditional casino, you will always many people that love to play blackjack. There is something truly exciting about playing live casino that cannot be recreated by other online games. Blackjack is a game with many layers but at the most basic level it is very simple. You are trying to hold a higher hand than the dealer without going over 21. Here are the six steps in playing Blackjack Online:

Buy Chips

First things first. You can’t play without having something to wager. You can buy your chips at the start of your game. Remember that if you ever need more chips there is nothing easier than buying some more. Different coloured chips have different values so make sure what each one of them stands for.

Place Wager

Now comes the time to place your bet. The size of your winning is in direct correlation to how much you decide to bet. In fact winnings are a multiple of your wager. Decide what the right number is for you to keep things exciting. Remember, you could lose it all or win big. That’s what make this game so exciting.

Dealer Deals Cards to Players

Now come the part that the dealer deals cards. He will deal the cards in two passes, left to right so that everyone has two cards. Typically the dealer will have two cards as well and will reveal one of them although there are versions of blackjack where the dealer only gets one card.

Decide how to play your hand

Up to this point there was little you could do to influence the game. Now that changes because it is time for you to decide how to play your hand. Have a good look at your cards and the revealed card from the dealer and try to decide what the best next step is for you. Remember, you are trying to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. There is much you can learn about the best strategies for playing blackjack which we will be covering right here on the Royal Spins Blog. For now, suffice to say that you have the following options:


  1. Hit
  2. Double Down
  3. Split
  4. Surrender

Pick wisely because your choice will determine if you come out on top or not.

Dealer Plays hand

After you and the rest of the players have made your decision, it is time for the dealer to play their hand. The dealer is going to take all the decisions you and the other players made into account before making their choice on their next step. Sometimes they just reveal their second card. Sometimes, especially if they have a low value hand, they will decide to take another card.

Blackjack Payout

The last part of the game is the payout. Payout ratios differ from game to game. If someone got blackjack, they win. Otherwise, whoever has the highest hand without going over 21 wins.

This is what goes into playing a round of blackjack. A typical game will involve many hands played one after the other. You can stay for as long or as short as you like. We offer live versions of this exciting card game 21 right here at Royal Spins. This allows you to deploy all of the winning strategies from a live casino while playing on your desktop or mobile.

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