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Blackjack Player Rules

Blackjack comes in multiple varieties, each of them has some variants of the rules. It is best to know exactly which version of blackjack you are playing before you get started but all in all there are some basic blackjack rules UK you should know. In this short guide we will cover the player rules you need to know when you are playing blackjack. There is also a guide that covers the dealer rules. This is especially important when you are playing live blackjack.

Hitting Rules

The whole point of playing blackjack is to hold cards that value 21. That kind of hand is called blackjack. If you look at you hand and decide that you want to take another card you need to signal the dealer. He will immediately deal another card for you whereupon the process continues. If your hand is worth 22 or over, that constitutes an immediate bust. Otherwise you need to decide if you want to be hit again or not.

Standing Rules

Unless you go bust, you will decide to stand at one point or another in the game. When you decide to stand you have decided that you are happy with the hand that you are holding and that you do not want another hit. Of course, if you are bust, meaning that the value of your hand exceeds, you can not stand. You have already lost. When you decide to stand, the turn to play goes to the next player.

Pair Spitting Rules

When do you decide to split your cards? That is an excellent question and it would probably help to spend some time looking at the different strategies on when it is best to split your cards to get the most out of blackjack. You can ask to split your cards when you have two identical cards. Once you have done this you can ask immediately for additional cards, making the same decisions as described in the hitting and standing rules. It’s important to point out that you can split more than once except for when you are splitting aces.

Doubling Down Rules

If you believe you are holding a very strong hand, typically one that is valued somewhere between 9 and 11 you can chose to double down. When you chose to double down, you are dealt another card, face up and are forced to stand. There are variations on exactly how this rule works, depending on the version of blackjack you are playing so make sure that you are aware of the rules.

Surrender Rules

The surrender rules will vary from casino to casino and in between different versions of blackjack. Be sure to check the exact surrender rules before you play. Typically surrender rules dictate how you can cash out and recoup some of your wager in the middle of a game. This option is not always available and you will not be able to recoup your entire wager no mater what.

We’ve covered some of the basics of the rules that all players should know. Even though blackjack is a simple game on the surface, there is much you can learn in order to become truly proficient in this card game that mixes both luck and skill. We will offer additional posts described more advanced strategies and other aspects of blackjack online.