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  • Meet the Best Slots Casino Games

    Nowadays real money slots have a number of similarities and differences that each user learns as they play each game. Royal Spins will tell you about the main features of these fascinating game mechanisms.

    Classic Online Slots

    Classic slots are the foundation of the casino industry. It's like a little black dress in a fashionista's closet. They just have to be in any casino. Including online. Of course, they are not just present in the list of games, people still play them, bet, lose and win, and most importantly enjoy the process.

    Like the machines that decorated the first casinos, these slots have a simple design and a minimum of reels and paylines. Usually these are non-replaceable three reels and 1-5 lines. A few more qualities of the classics of real casino games are:

    • a good percentage of returns,
    • rules that are understandable even to a beginner,
    • the number of bonuses is minimized,
    • recognizable character design,
    • mechanics without 'bells and whistles'.

    Video Slots of Recent Years

    Manufacturers are concentrating on creating more complex and complicated video slots. For example, they have more reels.

    5-reel Slots

    This is the most popular group of slots. What makes them so popular is:

    • introductory screensavers before the game, which create a certain atmosphere, depending on the theme of the game;
    • bright and eye-catching animation;
    • lots of arcade-type mini-games.

    7-reel Slots

    This type of slot is quite rare and cannot be found everywhere. Their main features are:

    • no bonus rounds;
    • minimum (up to 10) number of lines;
    • extensive use of multiplayer;
    • active use of bonus symbols that perform various functions, for example, increase the amount of winnings.

    9-reel Slots

    It is also an uncommon type even for online casinos. They are characterized by bonus rounds and non-standard design. Progressive jackpots are often played on 9-reel slots.

    Number of Lines in Slots

    The number of lines is essentially the number of active lines on which a winning combination can be assembled. The frequency of such a combination does not depend on the number of lines, but the game process and its perception vary depending on whether there is one line in front of the player (as in classic slots) or more (some new games are equipped with a field with dozens of lines). The number of lines in most slots varies from 3 to 5. And some models generally give users the right to choose how many games they would like to use for their gaming session.

    How to Play the Best Slots in the UK?

    The player has a choice on which slot machines to play, because depending on their complexity (there may be from three to five reels), the number of different winning lines will differ, but the process itself is the same:

    • The player chooses a slot machine.
    • The player chooses which winning lines he makes active.
    • The bet size is selected.
    • The player starts the spin.

    When the slots stop, the winning lines are paid out according to the pay table that is present on each slot machine.