Squealin' Riches

Understatement is a beautiful art of saying something truly impactful with a tongue in cheek reference to something minor that hints at the true impact. None of that is on display in this brash slot from PearFiction. There is no beating around the bush what this slot is about. You are here to pig out on the possibility to bring home the bacon, so to speak. Will you squeal with delight when you hit the Jackpot. We know that there is at least one way to find out.

 Come pig out with Squealin Riches at Royal Spins

Game Info




Pigs rolling in money





Stakes Range

0.2 to 100

Free SpinsMultiplier

10-30up to 10x

Max Win






How to play

Don’t get lulled into thinking this is a straightforward slot. There are plenty of feature on offer which we will cover shortly. Before we get to that, start playing by setting your stake. The 0.2 to 100 stake range is there for the choosing. And, of course, you decide if you want to smash that spin button yourself or give your mouse clicker a rest and trigger the auto spin feature.

Squealin’ Riches Gameplay & Features

For starters, Squealin’ Riches offers the standard J to A royals as well as a number of Premium Symbols. Pay out increases as you land higher value symbols. The key to rolling around in cash like a pig in the muck is landing Bonus Cash Symbols. The impact of the landing the Cash Bonus Symbols accumulate in a meter. When this fills the Bonus Round starts giving you a chance to spin the Bonus Wheel. You can win instant Cash prizes for up to 40x your stake, one of the 5 jackpots as well as another Bonus Round.

But wait, there’s more! You wouldn’t be really pigging out if there wasn’t a free spin Feature to this slot and PearFiction do no disappoint. In order to play free spins all you have to do is land 3 scatters anywhere on the matrix to get between 10 and 25. You are presented with an option to wager the free spins for even more spins before you begin. The question, then, is how greedy are you feeling? You may loose everything or you could win big and bag a bunch more free spins. Even if you loose on your wager, you’ll be consoled with a quick Spin of the Mystery Wheel before returning to the main game.

Squealin’ Riches RTP & Volatility

Squealin’ Riches has an RTP of 94% and High Volatility.

Squealin’ Riches Verdict

On the surface this may look a bit like a run of the mill slot. There is an unsavory satisfaction though to giving in to our baser emotions and just enjoy wallowing in our greed for a bit. The huge jackpots and the mini features add to the excitement as you imagine what you would do should you hit the insane 13,500x jackpot. Knowing that this is not a sure bet is part of the fun of playing slots.

If you’re looking to pig out and win real money, nothing’s easier than heading over to Royal Spins Casino and going whole hog. We certainly won’t judge you for it. 

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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