Silver Bullet Bandit - Cash Collect

Silver Bullet Bandit Cash Collect is set in the Wild Wild West where the law is but a whiff of a concept that everyone denies like the unclaimed and unowned scent of anonymously passed gas. This is very appropriate to the theme because looking at the scenery you are presented with when playing this game you immediately think of the bean eating scene in Blazing Saddles. Never has a truer depiction of the trials and tribulations of the old wild west been committed to film. It helps to get in the mood from some good old fashioned times before you start playing because we all know that the whole point of you walking into this Casino UK Mobile site is to attempt to walk away with some amounts of cash. All you need is for lady luck to be on your side and for the gods of food fortune to get you closer and closer to that 1000x max win.


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Playtech Origins


Wild West



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Free SpinsMultiplier


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How to Play

Much of this slot will be familiar to you if you’ve had a go at other collect and win slots. Sure enough there are plenty of different symbols that will give you opportunities to rake in some cash but the parts of the game that you want to really get to all involve different iterations of the collect and win mechanics. Before you do that however, you have to deliver your measure of where you stand on the scales of adventure. Set your stake to reflect the king of player you are. No judgement here, do what gives you the greatest pleasure and suits your purse the most. Once that is out of the way you can get started by pushing that spin button.

Silver Bullet Bandit Gameplay & Features

Like we said, everything really starts getting interesting when the cash collect mechanism comes into play. You’ll see different valued coins show up which are of absolutely no use to you as long as you don’t land the cash collect symbol also. This cash collect scatter symbol becomes much more powerful when you hit the free spins part of the game. You get there by using, you guessed it, the cash collect symbol to collect free spins. During free spins, the cash collect symbol becomes sticky and will stick around for three spins. This means that you can land several cash collect symbols at the same time. Each one of the collects your prizes individually. You can also use the cash collect symbol in order to access the jackpots. Land a cash collect symbol and a diamond symbol and you will be randomly assigned one of the four jackpots.

Silver Bullet Bandit RTP & Volatility

Silver Bullet Bandit has an RTP of 93.13% and High Volatility.

Silver Bullet Bandit Verdict

Silver Bullet Bandit Cash Collect is that kind of slot that gets featured at top casino sites. You would be forgiven for thinking this slot wouldn’t be that popular because of its lower RTP but with the exciting game mechanics and high volatility, there is almost always something going on that will keep your attention. That is part of the secret of running one of the best slot sites, don’t get caught up in just the dry statistics but be able to recognize what it is that makes a really good game.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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