Wild Tundra

Some games just have the it factor. From the moment you start playing Wild Tundra you know you are in for a ride. It’s hard to pin point what it is exactly that makes for a game that has you on the edge of your seat. If it was that easy, there is no doubt that everyone would not only be trying but also succeeding to turn their very own creation into the biggest win online slot. That big woolly mammoth is staring at you and you know this just going to be epic. If you’re curious about some of the features in this game that made us enjoy it so much, please keep on reading.

Game Info


Red Tiger Gaming


Ice Age



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.10 to 10

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

Play is not the issue as it isn’t with most slot machines. You simply start be deciding how much you want to bet with each spin of the reels and set that. You can always come back and change your mind whenever that suits you. Is everything taking a bit too long? Not a problem! Click the turbo button and it will go a lot faster. Are you tired of clicking that spin button time after time? Not a problem, you can set the slot to use an auto spinner for a specific set of spins and cap your losses so that it doesn’t accidentally run away with your money should you experience a losing streak.

Wild Tundra Gameplay & Features

So what is it about this slot that makes it so much fun? It has all of the usual low and high value symbols. You can check out the pay table if you want to know the exact details. Besides the fact that they are interesting to look at, what’s even better is that this slot uses a cascade system. Whenever you win, all of the symbols in the winning combination are covered in ice and shatter. The remaining symbols cascade down and then new symbols cascade on top of them. This can result in a number of iterations of wins without you even having to spin the reels.

This slot just does a really good job of making the game feel exciting. Getting some of those free spins can be a big deal. Once you land a second Free Spins Symbol, the rest of the reels spin faster and the music changes as you cross your fingers hoping for that third Free Spins Symbol to slide in to place because you know you’re going to love those bonus round spins. It’s simple things like that which make a slot machine stand out from the crowd.

An interesting thing to point out is that Wild Tundra does not have a Wild Symbol. Instead the high value symbols can have super symbols that multiply their value.

Wild Tundra RTP & Volatility

Wild Tundra has an RTP of 95.7% and High Volatility.

Wild Tundra Verdict

Not sure if you could tell, but we immensely enjoyed this slot machine from Red Tiger Gaming. It’s not that they did anything revolutionary but rather put together a bunch of mechanics, visuals and sound effects that ensured we had a great time.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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