Gold Blitz Free Spins

This game will allow you to swim around in bathtubs full of gold coins as if you were Scrooge McDuck. Not that you are going to see Scrooge because he is both a cartoon character and covered by more patents than you can wave a pile of benjamins at. Maybe the next best thing is to take a gander at this slot machine from Blueprint because when asked to describe the theme it was clear that we needed only one word: Money!  It’s sort of like when you buy a lottery ticket. It doesn’t matter that your chance is statistically close to zero. What really matters is that you get to walk around for two days imagining what you would do with the grand prize. All that for the price of a ticket is a pretty good deal. 


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How to Play

Do you know how to play slots? If so you can probably skip this part. If you are trying to figure out how to get the most out of your real money casino experience then maybe consider reading on. Under the surface most slot machines are very similar. They provide a collection of different symbols with different values and spin those randomly. If the symbols land in a preconceived pattern, you win some money. If not, you lose some money. Despite those basics, it’s really the surface of a slot machine that matters because it completely dictates what your experience is like. There are endless themes for slot machines and this one is very clearly about one single thing: making piles and piles of money!

Gold Blitz Free Spins Gameplay & Features

The best casino online will have a large collection of different kinds of slots for you to try out. Slots often come with special features that are worthwhile to know about. Free Spins, for instance, is a very common and popular feature. You typically need to land a number of scatter symbols in order to get access to free spins. Another common feature of free spins is that some of the low value symbols are gone for the free spin round so that your chances for winning big are better. With Gold Blitz you need at least three Scatters to get 8 free spins. When you land Scatters during the free spin stage, they work as multipliers for your prize with the highest possible multiplier clocking in at 25%.

Gold Blitz Free Spins RTP & Volatility

Gold Blitz Free Spins has an RTP of 95% and High Volatility.

Gold Blitz Free Spins Verdict

You’ve made it to the best gambling sites in the UK. Congratulations! We love taking care of our players. The way we do that is by offering absolutely mindshatteringly good selections of games for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter what kind of slot machines you like, we have them. If you are not in the mood for a slot machine, perhaps you would like to try out one of our exciting table games. Many of these table games can be played with a live dealer. It’s almost like being in a real life casino. That’s how exciting it is. If you want something more relaxing, we also have a large selection of bingo games, which are a great way for you to let down your hair.

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