Max Chance & the Safari Secrets

Originality is often over valued. There is nothing particularly new or inventive about the theme for Max Chance and the Safari Secrets. Sure, you have a character, Max Chance, that sort of adds a personal angle, much like all of the Indiana Jones clones that are used for so many ancient treasure slots. Certainly you have a cute monkey sidekick to brighten up everyone’s mood and make us laugh but all of that has been done before in one form or another. And that doesn’t really matter because what separates a good slot from the rest is often the production value. How well is the theme executed? Does it make you want to take that extra spin or does it have you yawning before you even start? And most importantly, does the slot have that hard to define, magic ingredient that never fails to pull you in, a sense of adventure?


Game Info


Skywind Group


Cartoon Safari



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Cluster Pays

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Free SpinsMultiplier


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How to Play

Max Chance and the Safari Secrets does not play out on a regular grid for slot machines. The grid is a huge 7 by 7 collection of symbols ranging from different coloured shaped through safari animals. There are no traditional pay lines, instead the slot works on a cluster pay system. Whenever you win, the winning symbols disappear and new symbols fall into place. This cascading mechanism gives you another chance to win without having to spin the wheel again. There are times when this cascade can trigger several wins, one after the other which is very satisfying. The slot offers a large range for you to bet on. You can play as a high roller and max out the stake or you can play it safe as a low roller and spend as little as possible on each spin. Which ever approach you take, be sure to have fun.

Max Chance and the Safari Secrets Gameplay & Features

So that there is no confusion, this slot offers both free spins and multipliers. You win your free spins by landing the right amount of scatters. Land between 4 and 7 scatters to win between 10 and 25 free spins. During the free spin phase you only need 3 scatters to win additional free spins. When it comes to multipliers, these are won by landing clusters that include animals. After each animal cluster you receive a multiplier coin which increases your winnings.

Max Chance and the Safari Secrets RTP & Volatility

Max Chance and the Safari Secrets has an RTP of 96.5% and High Volatility.

Max Chance and the Safari Secrets Verdict

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* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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