Dragon's Clusterbuster

Dark forces threaten the realm of Dragon's Clusterbuster. To stand against them, all echelons of the kingdom have united their efforts:

  • Groups of mercenaries, well-accustomed to tempting fate, have emerged under banners adorned with playing card symbols.
  • Mages have stepped forth bearing a standard depicting a scroll of spells.
  • Warriors are armed to the teeth, each adorned with a pair of blades hanging from their belts.
  • Members of the royal family personally lead their people into battle.

But will they endure long enough for the dragons to awaken and come to their aid? Seize the chance to find the answer by launching the Dragon's Clusterbuster slot from Red Tiger on the Royal Spins Casino site. Become the chief strategist in this grand battle and lead your troops to victory.

Dragon's Clusterbuster Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Red Tiger
Theme Dragons, Fantasy, Mystic 
Reels 9
Pay lines Cluster Pays
Stakes Range £0.2 – £10
Max Win x5,250
RTP 96%
Volatility High
Release date 28/04/2022

How to Play Dragon's Clusterbuster

The action unfolds right before your eyes:

  • On the vast 9x9 grid, armies are arranged, constantly making way for fresh forces.
  • In the center lies the dragons' lair, sealed with a powerful enchantment by enemies.
  • Your task is to break the magical shackles and release your allies: 
  • the blue, 
  • green, 
  • and violet dragons.

How does the battle unfold?

  • When warriors from each echelon unite on the battlefield in the right formation, they deliver a powerful blow to the magical shell of the winged allies' home.
  • At this time, you receive a certain amount of mana from pound sterling symbols, which you can later reinvest in outfitting your army.
  • When the shackles fall, the battle shifts to a new level, giving you a significant advantage.

Dragon's Clusterbuster Features

Each liberated dragon has its own superpower:

  • The blue dragon clears space for elite troops.
  • The green one leads a personal army of Wild warriors, seamlessly integrating into any unit.
  • The violet one, a terror on clawed wings, magically enhances individual warriors, generating significantly more mana for your magic bank.

With the liberation of dragons, you can also enjoy the benefits of the bonus game. It's a kind of spectacle where dragons demonstrate their abilities to ensure everyone understands they are valuable allies, not freed from their enchanted prison in vain.

Dragon's Clusterbuster RTP & Volatility

The game has a decent return-to-player percentage of 96%, which is average for online slots. The volatility is high, meaning you can win rarely but significantly.

Dragon's Clusterbuster Conclusion

Consistency and perseverance are the two main pillars of this battle. The longer you endure, the greater your chances of uniting all available forces. The entire spectacle is accompanied by stunningly beautiful and powerful magical explosions. If you're a fantasy enthusiast, intrigued by dragons, or simply appreciate slots with unique and somewhat unconventional mechanics, be sure to try this slot. It even has a demo version if you're not ready to join the real battle just yet.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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