Amazon Kingdom

The River of Gold. That's what the Amazon has been called for centuries. Many believed that its jungles and delta concealed vast reserves of this precious metal. This legend arose from stories of golden ornaments and items worn by local tribes, as well as tales of dazzling temples deep within the forest. 

This is crazy but it turns out all these stories were true. With the characters of the Amazon Kingdom slot, you have an incredible opportunity to walk the golden streets and perhaps find treasures unknown even to the rulers of this city. Dive into the game on the Royal Spins Casino website and start your adventure.

Amazon Kingdom Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Just For The Win
Theme Amazon, Jungle, Mayan
Reels 5
Pay lines 30
Stakes Range £0.2 – £50
Max Win x5,000
RTP 94.23%
Volatility High
Release date 21/07/2022

How to Play Amazon Kingdom

Your journey begins with paying the ticket. In this affluent city, you can't take a step without paying some tax, fee, or duty. Perhaps that's why the streets are paved with gold. However, it generously rewards its residents. The more they contribute to the treasury, the higher their potential reward. 

  1. Open the list of available bet amounts. The options cater to both wealthy visitors and those who just want to take a look around: 0.2 / 0.5 / 0.8 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 8 / 10 / 20 / 50. 
  2. Answer the question: How much do you want to invest in the city's development? 
  3. Suppose you settle on the number 8. 
  4. Here are the rewards you'll receive from symbol combinations: 

Wild, King, and Queen make payouts starting from two symbols: 0.8 / 8 / 20 / 80. 

Then combinations have value only if they include three or more elements: 

  • Phoenix: 4.8 / 12 / 32.
  • Leopard: 3.2 / 8 / 20. 
  • Lizard: 2.4 / 5.6 / 16. 
  • A and K: 1.6 / 4 / 12. 
  • Q and J: 1.6 / 3.2 / 8. 

How often you get any of these prizes depends on the luck and mood of the city. Yes, sometimes it seems like it has a mind of its own.

Amazon Kingdom Features

What landmarks should you definitely see? 

  1. Ornaments with blue gemstones above the reels. 
  2. City Deity Totem with red eyes and a luxurious headdress. It stands to the right of the game field. 
  3. Golden chests with the inscription WILD. 
  4. Queen's coins. These luxurious artifacts can replenish your wallet by 15, 40, 200, or even 5,000 times the amount of the tax you paid before.

Amazon Kingdom RTP & Volatility

This is a slot machine that will help you have fun with a 96.23% return rate and high volatility.

Amazon Kingdom Conclusion

The myths about the gold of the Amazon turned out to be not myths at all but the truth. The architectural monuments and museum artifacts of the city reward their visitors with prizes randomly or after finding certain symbols. So, strolling through the city is so fascinating because you can find that very element needed for a reward at any moment. We hope you'll be lucky at almost every step.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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