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The History of the Creation of the Game

What do scratch cards have in common with the person who has created antennae, circuits, and some of the first programming code?

They have one creator. John R. Koza is the second person ever to receive a bachelor's degree in computer science. He is also one of the founders of a company that created computer systems for launching state lotteries in America. He invented scratch cards in 1974 and used them to increase the turnover of the Massachusetts lottery by almost three times in a week.

Nowadays, the ingenious invention of this extraordinary person continues its career in a digital format.

Scratch Cards Online Game... Is It a Lottery?

In the offline world, scratch cards are really a kind of lottery. In an online casino, this game is more like a slot machine. In these scratch cards there is an "erasable" area in which symbols appear. RNG is the basis of this process and various combinations, both wins and losses, appear here.

How to Play UK Scratch Cards Online?

The basic version of scratch cards online is practically no different from the offline version and has the same steps:

  • choose the nominal value of the bet,
  • choose your scratch card,
  • scratch the necessary surface,
  • find out the result.

The main difference here (apart from the fact that the process is based on a "Random Number Generator") is animation. Some games emulate a coin and you can scratch the card by moving the mouse pointer. But it is usually easier to press the Show Card or Scratch All button, which will immediately open the contents of the card.

What Does the Best Online Scratch Card Look Like?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Design and animation is a matter of taste. For example, some games demonstrate second chance bonus fields that may contain additional winnings. Some games have six, nine or even more fields, from which you choose the ones you want to open.

The process of “scratching” can also look different, for example, like opening some boxes or breaking vases. But in fact, these are just visual solutions that do not change the basis of the game.

Plus, you will receive a bonus in the form of fanfare or fireworks if you receive a win. In the classic version, victory looks like three identical symbols out of six. But even here there may be different options:

  • Somewhere a winning combination looks like three symbols in a row.
  • Somewhere a playing symbol is set that should fall on the playing field.
  • Sometimes the winning coefficient numbers are printed on the card, for example from 1 to 100, or special game symbols for which a separate pay table will be offered.

There are quite a lot of options for different scratch cards of lotteries, but they are all intuitive. On the Royal Spins casino website, you can play a huge number of real money scratch games, amongst which:

  • Chaos Crew Scratch
  • Diamonds Scratch
  • Football Scratch Card
  • Stargate Scratch
  • The Link Scratch
  • Lucky Scratch
  • Scratchy Big
  • Happy Scratch
  • Elephant Scratch
  • Rainbow Riches Piles Of Cash
  • Diamond Strike 100,000;
  • Express 200 Scratch
  • Double Salary - 1 Year Scratch
  • Super Shamrock
  • Scratchy