Jackpots Online

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What Is the Jackpot?

In general, a jackpot game is any large win that a player can receive under certain conditions. It is formed on the basis of bets made by players on any slot machine or in a group of certain slots, so the size of the jackpot usually depends on the prize pool on a certain slot machine.

Usually, you can see the jackpot amount at the top of the slot machine screen. Its size can be several tens of thousands of pounds and fall out at any moment. Which one exactly? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) it's impossible to predict. After the jackpot falls, it is funded from the new bets made. Thanks to the extensive collection of games, Royal Spins Casino provides many chances to try your luck and get the opportunity to break jackpots on slot machines. However, it is worth remembering about the will of chance, because the jackpot falls out in a random order with a small chance, and it is impossible to predict it or in any way influence the increase in your chances. Equality as it is. Players can only bet at least a minimum and hope that this time fortune will smile at them.

The Main Types of Jackpots Jackpots Online Are:

Basic Jackpot

This type is also called static. On most slot machines it is basically seen as the maximum win, thereby “hitting the jackpot”. Everything is as simple as possible here: the jackpot amount does not grow, it is set by the slot developer initially and does not change. In fact, this is the maximum established prize that can be won in an online slot. At the same time, any player can be lucky, regardless of the size of the bet and the time spent playing.

Cumulative Jackpot

This is a kind of special offer from an online casino. For example, in Royal Spins casino, the prize fund of such a jackpot casino is formed from bets on any slot machines based on user bets. That is, the bets made in all slots are taken into account, and not only in a certain game.

Progressive Jackpot

Here, the jackpot amount increases regularly as bets are placed on one or more slot machines until one of the players eventually wins. After that, the bank is reset and begins to be formed anew, but on the basis of new rates. The total amount of such a jackpot may be different and may exceed the player's bet by thousands of times.

How to Play Jackpot Games?

Royal Spins casino offers you a large selection of slot machines that allow you not only to have fun, but also to try your luck trying to win basic, cumulative or progressive jackpots. Information about whether a particular game has a jackpot is provided directly on our website. In the games section, you can immediately select those that have a jackpot and pay attention only to them.

Pay attention to the acceptable bet values in your chosen game. You will see the minimum and maximum bet size. How much to bet depends on your choice. Our observations show that the chances of players who have set the minimum and maximum are often equal. The main thing is to place a bet on the chosen game to take part in the jackpot draw.