Passion for Baccarat

The game of Baccarat has a rich history that began in Italy in the 15th century. It became popular among the aristocracy and firmly entrenched in live baccarat casino where it was known as a game of the upper classes.

Let's imagine what a game session might look like at that time?

  • Picture the Early Renaissance in Italy. Salon with marble floors, frescoes and gilded cornices. Lots of mirrors and candles to reflect light and create an atmosphere of mystical mystery.
  • Representatives of the aristocracy take the game seriously. The higher the stakes, the more focused they are. (It is likely that certain requirements were necessary to participate in the game, including the minimum amount of funds for the game.)
  • The person selected as a dealer follows a pre-agreed order of distribution of cards.
  • The new participants repeat the value of the cards in their minds.

In short, it would be a scene of abundance, luxury and high passions.

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What happened next?

Vegas, baby!

Every worthwhile game eventually makes its way to Vegas. Baccarat is no exception.

In the middle of the 20th century, baccarat made its way into the gambling halls of Vegas casinos. It would seem that her career as a game has reached its peak. But it was not there!

Online casinos have appeared!

Such prestige as! You can enjoy the casino atmosphere in real-time and play from the comfort of your own home.

Casino offers their users various varieties of baccarat online in the UK:

  • Classic Baccarat
  • Punto Banco
  • Mini Baccarat
  • Live Baccarat

Additionally, each of these games has its own nuances in the rules. The overall goal of playing online baccarat casino is to score a hand whose total points will be equal to or as close as possible to 9. All images and 10 bring 0 points, the ace is equal to one, and the remaining cards bring as many points as indicated on them.

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