The Great Albini 2

One of the best experiences in showbiz is a really amazing Magic Show. When it’s good, meaning that you can come in sceptical but still be blown away, it’s one of the best forms of entertainment around because you are both amazed and intellectually stimulating. When it’s bad it’s a boring collection of cliches that will leave you feeling like you’ve been taken for a ride and are suddenly light your wallet. The Great Albini was a hugely popular slot that felt like an outstanding show somewhere on the Vegas Strip. Is this second iteration a continuation of that tradition or does it feel more like a badly executed kiddy party. Only one (well actually two) way to find out.


Game Info




Magic Show



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.2 to 24

Free Spins\Multiplier


Max Win






How to Play

You know that the thing you need to do during a magic trick is figure out where the magician is directing your attention and at all costs look elsewhere. When they’re really good, they double fake this givng you the impression that you’ve figured them out while you are still doing exactly what they intended you to do.

Slot machines are often much the same. They may spend a lot of time telling you about special features and taking you through all of the details of the pay table and other useless information but in the end all they want you to do is set your stake to the max and run that auto spinner until it cries mercy.

The Great Albini 2 Gameplay & Features

Much of this game is the usual fair with a number of Royals as well as a couple of special symbols that are marginally more lucrative from a winning perspective. The number of reels and lines have been reduced since the original Great Albini making for a “reduced” experience which does not really live up to the predescesor.

There are two features beyond the basic game play. The first is a gem collection feature where you try to collect similar colored gems in order to get a multiplier on your stake. The only way for this to work though is to also land a collect symbol on the fifth reel. More often than not this feels like a tease rather than a fun part of the gameplay.

The other feature is the Bonus round which you can access by landing 3 scatters on the second to fourth reels. This will trigger a hold and win style game with 3 respins. Some of the lower value symbols are removed from play and you can win additional respins.

The Great Albini 2 RTP & Volatility

The Great Albini 2 has a Return to Player rate of 96.1% and comes with Medium Volatility.

The Great Albini 2 Verdict

Now the original question remains. What kind of magic show is the Great Albini 2. From all the feedback we have gathered, this version does not live up to its earlier reincarnation which was a very popular slot. It seems that all that has happened is that features were stripped out to leave a rather hollow shell of a game. That is a shame because a bad magic show can be very disappointing.

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