Terrific Tiger

Upon hearing Terrific Tiger, Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes immediately comes to mind. He is not the tiger in question. In this Chinese luck game, the Titular Tiger is in fact wearing a robe and looks very Zen more than anything else. As if nothing could possibly cause hime to loose his calm demeanor. This is very much what this slot from Scientific Games is like. It’s all very sedate from the calming background musix to the three bowls of lucly coins that hardly seem to do anything all the way three the incredibly minor but long winded way the slot shows you that you have won a prize, almost universally less than the wager you have made. Perhaps we are putting the cart before the horse but to put it very bluntly, we weren’t very impressed with this particular offering. 

Game Info


Scientific Games


Chinese Luck



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.22 to 20.80

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

So what do we have here? The action plays out over 5 reels with a total of 243 pay lines. You start by setting your stake. A nod to Chinese luck symbology is the fact that the default stake and the highest stake both end in eight which has the same sound in Chinese as Fortune. This is also why you will see multiples of eight in many a Chinese Luck slot. The max win comes in at 11,973. Not entirely sure if this is some kind of lucky multiple.

The autospin mechanism allows you to set the number of spins as well as the max loss and win when you want the autospinner to take a break.

Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Gameplay & Features

There are a very larger number of Symbols in this game starting with Royals that begin with 8 going all the way up to Aces. Then there are some special symbols including the incredibly laid back tiger. You’ll notice that there are three bowls at the top of the screen and four jackpots. Whenever you land coins on one of the reels, they turn over to reveal their color which can be red, green or blue. The coin then drops in the corresponding bowl. Adding coins does not seem to affect the size of the jackpots. It is also not clear when one of the three bowls are triggered. From what we were able to gather, moving to the Free Spin bonus game triggered by one of the bowls is entirely random. Depending on which Bowl or Bowls you trigger, you will receive a number of free spins and the WILD symbol will have different multiplier values. You can also win additional free spins by collecting more coins during the phase. The free spin round is also when you can collect the jackpot which happens by triggering the bowl (randomly). There is also a red envelope symbol which will give you a preset multiple of your stake.

Terrific Tiger Coin Combo RTP & Volatility

Terrific Tiger Coin Combo has an RTP of 96.15% and Medium Volatility.

Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Verdict

This is an incredibly sedate and unclear slot. There does not seem to be any kind of rhyme or reason to what triggers the bonus features. The pay out of the symbols is very lack lustre and you never get any kind of feeling that something interesting or exciting is happening. If you’d like to play a Chinese Luck themed slot we have plenty of alternatives for you to try out.

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