Sunny Fruits

There are so many classics to play when it comes to slot machines. What is it that you like playing most? Is there a particular theme that gets you excited about playing slot machines or do you prefer a particular game mechanic? Perhaps it’s a combination of both. Sunny Fruit tries very hard to be one of the top 10 best online slots. It does this by leaning into one of the most loved themes in slot machines which is the fruit theme. In fact it is one of the oldest themes going all the way back to when slot machines were most often played on boardwalks. Each best online casino that has as much as a smidgen of self respect heavily features fruit themed slots. It’s the only way to go if you wan to make sure to keep the punters coming through your doors.


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How to Play

What is the best thing that you can do with a fruit themed slot? You may be thinking of making a fruit salad but the correct answer is to make a bet. This slot certainly caters to all types of players. You can be care free and just let luck have its way with you, betting the whole house. You can also be a super cautious player. It doesn’t matter because no matter how you want to play there is enough room in the stake range to accommodate everybody. Go one, pick something that fits in your budget and lets get going because the fun only realy starts once you press that spin button.

Sunny Fruits Gameplay & Features

The best part about playing Sunny Fruits is the hold and win feature. Everything else about this slot is more or less standard. We could waste a couple of column inches telling you about all of the different symbols and their particular value but we both know there is a much easier way to find out all of that information rather than reading it right here. Any game worth its salt will have a pay table which spells out exactly what each combination is worth and often also your chances of winning. If there are any special features to a slot, this is where you will find explinations to what these are.

So what is this Hold and win feature, you ask? Besides all of the regular symbols you will also notice that there are a bunch of sun shaped symbols. These suns all have a numerical value associated with them. This is your potential winning. In order to play the Hold and Win feature you need to land at least 6 suns anywhere on the reels. You will now get 3 respins in order to add additional suns to your collection. The ones that you have already landed do not move. If you land an additional sun the amount of respins goes back up to 3. This way, with a bit of luck, you can be respinning for a good long time while your winnings continue to pile up.

Sunny Fruits RTP & Volatility

Sunny Fruits has an RTP of 95.05% and High Volatility.

Sunny Fruits Verdict

There are many things that go into making a good slot machine. This is certainly not one of the highest rtp slots with a measely 95.05%. On the other hand, the Hold and Win feature certainly is the high light of this game. It is very exciting to see those respins pile up and renew as you land more and more of those suns.

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.