Slingo Shark Week

The Discovery Channel wasn’t always the all powerful ratings machine that it is now. In fact, it took a good long time before they really caught on. The secret weapon for it’s popularity is everyone’s obsession with sharks. They didn’t just offer a large amount of shark related programming but even went so far as to dedicate an entire week each year just to sharks. This later became known as shark week and now is one of the globe biggest, annual media events. Apparently there is very little that people like doing more than watchin sharks. Placing a wager might be one of the lone exceptions. So what could possibly be better than being able to play slot games while also enjoying everyone’s favourite under water hunter, the shark? Read on below and find out what it is that Slingo Games came up with.

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How to Play

You may be familiar with real casino slots and there is much in a slingo game that is familiar to the regular slot conosuer. Slingo is a combination between slots and bingo, which explains the name. Instead of all of the symbols spinning all of the time you are presented with a 5 by 5 Bingo card. Below the card is a row where the values change with each spin. Slingo games also play in 10 spin intervals so that you have a bigger chance of creating horizontal, diagonal and slanted “slingos”. Much of the rest of the game should be familiar with you. You start it off by deciding how much you want to bet with each spin. When you are good to go, just push the spin button to get the party started.

Slingo Shark week Gameplay & Features

In the spinning row at the bottom of the screen you can land three five different kinds of symbols. The first is a number, if it corresponds with a number in the row above it, that number is cleared. The second kind of symbol is a wild card. This wild card will clear one of the numbers in the row above it. The third type of symbol is a super wild. This wild works much like the regular wild card except that it clears a single number anywhere on the field. The last symbol is the one you really want to avoid. It’s a big red X and it means that you wont clear anything on the collum for this particular spin. The final symbol is the exact opposite of the big red X, you want to get as many of these as you can because the free spin gives you exactly that.

If you look to the left of the screen you will notice that there is a list of slingos. With each slingo you complete, you take one step up the rungs. You don’t win anything for the first five slingos that you collect but after that you get access to multipliers and a whole selection of bonus games where you have a chance to take away a big prize.

Slingo Shark week RTP & Volatility

Slingo Shark week has an RTP of 95.68% and Medium Volatility.

Slingo Sharkweek Verdict

What is that makes us at Royal Spins a contender for one of the top 10 casinos online? Part of our secret sauce is having an incredible selection of slot machines and other wagering games for you to enjoy. This includes a fantastic collection of Slingo games of all sorts of different varieties. Slingo Shark week is one of the most popular Slingo games out there, probably because of it’s successful execution of the Shark week theme. Don’t miss your opportunity to see what all of the fuss is about and take a couple of spins at to try out your luck.

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