Slingo Rainbow Riches

Today, we invite you to have a go at Slingo. This moniker was concocted by blending "slot" and "bingo," and the game itself subsequently became a fusion of these two genres.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Slingo Originals, SG Digital
Theme Irish, Rainbow, Slingo
Reels 5
Pay lines 12
Stakes Range £0.6 – £100
Max Win x1,000
RTP 95.6%
Volatility Medium
Release date 27/08/2018

How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

The gameplay is quite straightforward:

  • All the action unfolds on a special grid, with an equal number of cubes on each side, which you can count on the fingers of one hand.
  • The reel is concealed beneath this grid and appears as a single line with divisions.
  • To set the numbers on the slot reel in motion, you need, as in most games on the Royal Spins Casino site, to press the largest button with the hint inscription.
  • If the numbers on the reel match those on the grid, they will be automatically marked.
  • If the leprechaun helpers in jesters' costumes manage to make it onto the divisions of the reel, you'll have to choose the number you want to manually mark on the grid.
  • The main goal of Slingo is to close numbers on five or more lines. There are a total of 12 such lines.
  • Try to achieve this before your 10 attempts run out.
  • You can continue the game further, but it will cost you a certain amount for each spin. The exact amount depends on how many points on the grid are already closed and how much you paid for the first 10 moves.

For example, with a £10 bet, the cost of additional spins may be:

  • 33.67
  • 52.25
  • 63.84
  • 151.31
  • 267.81, and so on.

In any case, the spin cost will not be a surprise:

  • Firstly, the exact figure of the next reel spin will be written on the Spin button.
  • Secondly, if this figure exceeds £100, the game will start to confirm whether you really want to spin at such a price. In the newly appearing window, you must choose between "Yes" and "No."
  • Also, if you've depleted your balance, the game will inform you and remind you: Please gamble responsibly.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Features

The rewards ladder is the most notable feature of this unique slot:

  • The first few steps have no rewards.
  • Starting from the fifth and above, various mini-games with different gameplay and rewards become available to you.
  • You can open the game you've managed to reach by the time your 10 moves run out. Or, if you wish, you can try to climb higher.

Slingo Rainbow Riches RTP & Volatility

The game's RTP is close to the industry average for slots at 95.6%. The volatility is medium.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Conclusion

This gaming experience is one of the favorites among Royal Spins Casino users. The main reason for this is the harmonious blend of luck and strategy elements, as well as the crystal-clear and straightforward progression towards rewards.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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