Sahara Riches

Even without overlaying abundant mythology the Sahara conjures up a whole bunch of romantic ideas of treasures lost in the seas of sand and the delights of a desert oasis. Those are not exactly the themes that are being played on in this instance because the theme is more along the lines of the Arabian nights mythology which has nothing to do with the Sahara desert. One is in the northern part of Africa and the other one is the desert that covers the Arabian Peninsula. But heck, them just details and what does that matter when what you are really after is a good time at a casino. Those guys making the slots have got a lot of leeway as long as they put together a slot that is exciting to play and will have you coming back for spin after spin. 

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Arabian nights



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How to Play

Plenty of people like to play a casino game online. That’s why they keep on coming back to to UK casino sites, for the thrill of the possibility of a big win as well as the spine chilling feeling when you know you have lost. Some would argue that it is the latter which is the more attractive of the two. Whatever motivates you to walk through the doors of a British Casino, there is no getting around the need to make a decision on what kind of game you want to play. Are you here for table games or a bit of bingo or perhaps a couple of spins on the slot machines. When you want to play a slot you should start be deciding what kind of wager you want to place.Are you playing balls to the wall at the top of the range or are you stretching out the pleasure by placing small bets? It’s all up to you.

Sahara Riches Cash Collect Gameplay & Features

Sahara Riches Cash Collect features the usual collection of Arabian Nights themed symbols and if you are very interested in the relative value of each symbol you can study up on all of the details in the pay table. But this is the more pedestrian part of the game. What makes this slot machine a pleasure to play is the cash collect feature which is what drives all of the special features on the slot. You use the cash Collect symbol in order to get access to the jackpots, the free spins as well as all of the cash coins that show up on the reels. In order to get to the free spins you need to land a +number symbol which symbolizes the free spins as well as a cash collect symbol. You can continue collecting free spins during the free spin round. The Cash Collect symbols come with counters during the free spin rounds which means they stick around for multiple spins. In fact this means that you can have multiple cash collect symbols working at the same time collect cash, free spins and jackpots. The way you cash collect is by landing at least one coin symbol and a cash collect symbol. This is then added to your kitty. There are four jackpots in this game. The way to access those are by landing a diamond symbol and a cash collect symbol. You are then assigned a random jackpot.

Sahara Riches Cash Collect RTP & Volatility

Sahara Riches Cash Collect has an RTP of 95.67% and Medium Volatility.

Sahara Riches Cash Collect Verdict

We will keep this short and snappy. This is a fun slot. Check it out.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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