Pile ‘Em Up

Pile Em’ Up is a casino slot machine that will remind you of all of those cute games that came out during the initial generation of video game consoles. There is something about the game that brings the likes of Super Mario Bros and Wonder Boy to mind. That is not a bad thing because to date those are some of the best games ever created and are often still played for hours on end. You could do exactly the same with this online slot which is a pleasure to play and may very well be considered one of the best slots online uk. There is plenty here to like with a delightful combination of straight forward slot machine action presented with very appealing graphics and a number of bonus features that add a tremendous amount of pleasure to the entire gaming experience.


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Snowborn Games


Cute Casino



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How to Play

Before you can dive into the joys of playing this cute slot you have to decide how much you want to bet. That is one thing that sets slot machines apart from other video games. You’re not just playing for glory, you are putting real money at stake. That’s what makes them so  exciting. There is a considerable range of betting options open to you. You can make bets as small as 0.20 with each spinning and that certainly will allow you to stretch your budget for whole lot of playing. Your winnings do stand in direct relation to how much you bet so if you want a chance to take home a bigger prize you will need to increase your stake. It can go as high as 30 which can lead to quite the pretty pile when you take the max win of 7,500 times your stake into consideration.

Pile Em’ Up Gameplay & Features

If you’ve ever had a go at a slot machine you will know what to expect from Pile Em’ Up. There are a bunch of different symbols that you are trying to get predefined rows in order to win. The symbols have different values and it all depends on what the reels deliver. What really sets this game apart are the bonus features, so lets spend our time together review those to better understand what you can expect.

Coin Booster ­– When you play the game you will notice a bunch of coins that show up as symbols. Nothing happens to them when they appear on their own, but when they are accompanied with a magnet, all the coins get sucked up and you win their face value. The coin booster on the left is applied when this happens. The way to increase the multiplier is by landing a 1UP symbol that can increase the booster to a max of 10x. When you collect the coins the booster resets to 1x.

Free Spins -  You can collect free spins by landing the Free Spin Symbol in rows 1, 3 and 5. Doing this will give you a total of 9 free spins. You can win additional free spins during the Free Spin bonus feature to keep the party going.

Heart Bonus Game – When a purple heart lands on one of your reels it collected on the pipe near the bottom. When you collect purple hearts on all five reels the Heart Bonus Game is triggered.

Pile Em’ Up RTP & Volatility

Pile Em’ Up has an RTP 96.22% of and High Volatility.

Pile Em’ Up Verdict

It easy to see that we think that Pile Em’ Up should be in all the top UK online casinos. It’s a delight to play, quite exciting and has a nice nostalgic feel to it.

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.