Mustang Gold

When you think about the wide open ranges of the American West it is easy to bring to mind the romance of riding off into the sunset on your trusty steed. All of the horse riding can get lonely if it is just you and your horse. A little horseplay will be a lot more fun if you bring along an attractive companion. Now you can enjoy the majesty of the wilderness together as you go in pursuit of both unending freedom and trying to find riches. Playing slots that allow you to day dream about the adventures you could be having on horse back are just another way for you to take a break in the day. Blueprint gaming offer you this wild west themed slot machine where you and a companion pursue all of your wildest dreams. Who knows, you may even make a few bucks in the process.


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Wild West



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How to Play

Before you get down to the serious business of playing this slot machine you may want to make sure that you take a look at your surroundings. Do you know the ins and outs of this slot? There is an easy way to find out and almost every single slot you will ever play will offer you this option. A quick visit to the pay table will supply you with all of the information you need on the values of the different symbols, all of the bonus features as well as the specific combinations of symbols that will bring in the most cash. It’s always import for you to know what you are getting into. This is the way you stay informed. After you have reviewed the ins and outs of symbol values what you still need to do is decide on what kind of stake you want to place. This particular slot gives you a large range to choose from, allowing players of all sorts of different stripes to get the most out of this slot. Once that is settled, you’ll want to push that spin button and get the ball rolling.

Mustang Gold Gameplay & Features

Mustang Gold features both free Spins phase as well as a multi tiered jackpot.

In order to get to the free spins phase of the game you need to land at least 3 scatter symbols. This will get you 8 free spins. The free spins phase is a great time to try to bank on the horse shoe and money collect mechanism. This is also available in the regular game but during free spins you will get a significant amount more of both increasing your chances for a win. The horse shoes are your ticket to money but they are worthless if you do not land a collect symbol.

The second feature is the multi tiered jackpot. You will need to land both at least a single jackpot horseshoe as well as a collect symbol in order to get access to the jackpots. Which one you win depends on what kind of jackpot you reveal during the pick me part of the game.

Mustang Gold RTP & Volatility

Mustang Gold has an RTP of 95.54% and High Volatility.

Mustang Gold Verdict

Here’s a legitimate Casino question: Should you give this game a go when you play casino slots uk? If you like these kinds of slots you certainly should. That’s the magic of stepping into an online casino uk, there is no lack of choice and it is easier than ever to try a bunch of slots out so that you can find the ones that you really like.

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.