Lucky Larry's Lobstermania Slingo

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo will take you out to see to catch a bunch of those yummy crustaceans. It’s not entirely clear who the lucky larry is referring to. Is it the fisherman who is after the lobster and gets lucky when he brings home a good catch. Or is Lucky Larry one of the lobsters that manage to escape the traps and swim away to freedom. We may never find out. If you have been looking for new pay by mobile slots to try out then you could do a lot worse than playing this Slingo make over of a slot machine classic that dates back all the way to 2011.


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How to Play

As you may already know, Slingo is a delightful mix of slot machine and bingo game. The bingo game plays out over a 5 by 5 field, filled with all sorts of different numbers. Your job is to fill to remove those numbers so that you have vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines (or slingos). The way that you achieve your objective is by spinning a row below your bingo card where you can land a number of different symbols. But before you can do that you first have to make a decision on how much you want to wager with each spin. The prizes you win are all multiples of your wager or stake. Once you have that all set, you are ready to start playing. Push the spin button and get things going.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo Gameplay & Features

You can land five different kinds of symbols in this Slingo game. The first symbol is a number. If the number corresponds to a number in the column above it, it is marked off. The second symbol you can land is a lucky Wild Card. When you land a wild card it will remove one of the numbers from the column above it. You can also land a Super Wild which can remove a number anywhere on your bingo card. The fourth symbol that you can land is the Free Spin symbol that will give you an additional, free spin. The last and only undesirable symbol you can land is the boot. When you land the boot you get a big fat nothing.

Slingo games play in rounds of ten spins so that you have a chance of clearing the board. When your ten spins are over you will be given the opportunity to buy extra spins. This may be worthwhile if you are very close to clearing your entire card.

The way you win in Slingo is by clearing enough slingos. The first five will not give any prizes but the moment that you get beyond that threshold you get access to increasingly larger multiplier of your original stake. This is also the way that you get access to the bonus features.

The only bonus feature that is not connected to number of Slingos is the jackpots. There are three levels of jackpot. If you have a least three jackpot overlays in three adjacent reels you get access to the smallest jackpot. If you land all five you get rewarded with the mega jackpot.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo RTP & Volatility

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo has an RTP of 96.38% and High Volatility.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo Verdict

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo is a throwback to a good old slot from way, way back. It’s a great game to play at one of our instant withdrawal casinos. 

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.