Kings of Crystals

Many years ago the realm was led by a wise and just king much loved by subjects and deeply respected by the neighboring kingdoms. This wise king had three sons and in order to prepare them for his inevitable passing when they would have to lead the realm, he gave them each a kingdom to rule under his tutolage. Everything went well and the brothers cooperated for the benefit of their subjects. But one day, a dark cloud appeared and the wise king disappeared. The three kingdoms run by the three brothers were encased in crystal and there was only one way out. Collect enough shards of the different crystals in order to be free of the crystal prisons and reunite to find their father.


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Medieval Fantasy



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How to Play

That’s not actually the story that accompanies Kings of Crystal by Microgaming but it could be as this is a Medieval Fantasy themed slot machine where you need collect different colored crystals in order to access the bonus features that are available. The 5 reels on this slot feature a total of 40 paylines that with the right kind of luck can lead to a max win of as much as ten thousand times your stake.

In order to have a chance at that big win and to start your adventure you do have to take the usual two steps that any Slot Machine demands. Start by deciding on the hight of your stake as long as it fits in the range available. Follow that up with a push of the spin button to get those reels to go around and around.

Kings of Crystals Gameplay & Features

If you count the Wild Symbol there are a total of 12 different symbols that lead directly to winnings in this game. That is a very large number making it difficult to hit the winning combinations that you need. Have a look at the pay table to see exactly what is required. On top of those 12 symbols there are also three different colored scatters representing the three crystal kings. You will need to collect a number of these scatters of each colour in order to make it to the bonus section of this slot. Unfortunately it is not at all clear what the precise requirements are. How many scatters of each colour are needed for the bonus content? When you do collect enough these are the bonus games you could play:

  1. Nudging Wilds – With enough Red scatters you will get 5 free spins while also getting stacked WILDS.
  2. Jackpot Bonus – when you collect the right amount of Green Scatters you get 10 free spins to try to gather enough symbols to win one of four jackpots.
  3. Line Win Multiplier – Blue Scatters are the key to this bonus game. You get 5 Free Spins as well as multipliers for your prize.

Kings of Crystals RTP & Volatility

Kings of Crystals is a highly volatile slot game with a 96.4% Return to Player rate.

Kings of Crystals Verdict

You need to use a lot imagination to get the most out of this slot which feels a bit tired and formulaic.

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