Big Spin Bonus

Ever wondered why slot machines use fruit machines? There’s a bit of history behind this story which has everything to do with subterfuge and staying ahead of the law. At the turn of the 20th century there was a fairly serious crack down on illegal gambling in the United States. At holiday resorts they wanted to offer slot machines but were not allowed to offer money as prizes as that would have constituted gambling which was illegal. As a work around these slot machines featured pictures of fruit which corresponded to different flavoured chewing gum. With time, gambling on slot machines was allowed but the fruit stayed.

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How to Play

Seeing as Fruit based slot are truly the OG of slot machines you are likely to understand the gameplay almost by osmosis. If you’ve ever been in a pub with a slot in the corner you’ll have seen these classics. You insert a coin, sometimes pull the lever and then watch the fruit line up, or not.

Playing this classic themed slot is no different. You start by setting your stake in the available range and then proceed to give those reels a spin as you watch the fruit slot into place.

Big Spin Bonus Gameplay & Features

Even though the slot features fruit, they are in fact the lowest value symbols, which explains why there are so many of them. If you are looking for some higher value symbols, the 3 different “7”s are next in line followed by the Crown and then finally the WILD symbol which is worth the most. There are also Bonus scatters to be had

In order to get to the Bonus round you will need to land at least 3 Bonus symbols. This then leads to a quick pick me game. If you land more Bonus Symbols you will get more options to pick in direct relation to how many you landed. As you pick, you discover how many bonus spins you have won. Each pick can fall anywhere in the range of 1 to 5 spins. During the Bonus Round, if you land a WILD it sticks in place giving you more chances to bring in a bonus. There is a limit of 20x your stake that you can win but because this round also features 5 lives which you can use each time you loose, this could actually get to a total of 100x your stake.

Big Spin Bonus RTP & Volatility

Big Spin Bonus had a Return to player rate of 95%. There is no information available on its volatility.

Big Spin Bonus Verdict

There is something very satisfying about playing a classic and Big Spin Bonus certainly fits that bill. The bonus round is a lot of fun and the over all look and feel is very reminiscent of those old pub slot machines.

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