Adventures of Captain Blackjack

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you stick a pirate on it, everything becomes ten times more fun. It’s not clear where the fun comes from because when you think about it, pirates are really a bunch of nasty people that do nothing but rob people and make their prisoners walk the plank. Perhaps it’s Hollywood that is to blame for giving pirates such a good reputation. What else could explain why we always feel a sense of adventure the moment we see an eye patch, a wooden leg and a wench with a low cut dress? You might think it feels like magic but when it’s really you just feeling a tad seasick. Read below for a fun review of the Adventures of Captain Blackjack, brought to you by the lads at Just for the Win. 

Game Info


Just for the win





Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.20 to 50

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

The moment you start you know you have to get cracking if you want to make it to a bonus win. We’ll tell you about the four jackpots in a minute. Before you get there, beware the pirate wench on your right. If you don’t behave, she’ll poke your eye out! You’re in the harbor now, but you know that your destiny is to find lots of treasure. The adventure plays out on five reels with 3 symbols each.

Adventures of Captain Blackjack Gameplay & Features

There are plenty of different symbols to be had. All of them appropriately piraty. Sure enough, you can win plenty of cash in the regular part of the game but what you are really after are the jackpots, the free spins and the bonus features.

In order to get to the Jackpots you need to collect Kraken Coins. Each time you do, you run the chance of getting an opportunity at the jackpots. When you do get lucky enough, you are guaranteed one of the 4 on offer.

The next best thing to do is getting to the free spins. The best way to get here is by collecting scatters. You need to land at least three scatters in order to get a go at 6 Free Spins. If you collect more than 3 scatters you also get a chance to play a mini game which will give you an upgrade before you start the free spins round. Of course the way you win the upgrade is by picking treasure chests. Here are the upgrades that are on offer:

  • Multiplier – this will gives you 1 to 3 times your win during the free spin stage
  • Wild Upgrade – One of the mid level symbols becomes a wild.
  • Symbol Upgrade – All of the low level symbols are gone. They are now mid level symbols.
  • Extra spins – Don’t settle for the 6 free spins you get at the start. Win big here and you will get 3 to 9 additional free spins.

Adventures of Captain Blackjack RTP & Volatility

The Adventures of Captain Blackjack has an RTP of 94.18% and High Volatility.

Adventures of Captain Blackjack Verdict

Everyone loves a good pirate themed slot. There’s a reason that there are so many of these. Just for the win does a decent job of making this one an entertaining way to spend your time. Our biggest problem with this particular slot is the absolutely pathetic Return to Player rate of just barely about 94%. In this market 95% is considered pretty low so there is really little excuse for them to not have tweaked their math a little further into the players corner.

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All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.