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Everybody likes to believe in luck. None of us are entirely sure if it exists and how it works entirely but there is no denying that there are certain things that feel lucky. There is much diversity when it comes to luck and different kinds of cultures. The Irish have their rainbows and the four leaved clover. Then there is the ubiquitous lucky rabbits foot. And of course Luck is no stranger to Chinese culture that has many things that are associated with good fortune such as gold and red, to say nothing of the number eight and lucky babies. 

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Chinese Luck



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How to Play

Game developer Bally jumps onto the Chinese Luck bandwagon in an attempt to associate itself with one of the most popular slots themes, Chinese Luck. Some would say that these are some of the best slots to play, especially when they have a strong belief in luck. Perhaps they say this because they consistently wear their lucky underwear while spinning those reels. Wether that is true or not matters little as long as people are having a good time trying out their luck. It only really stops being fun when you take it a little too seriously.

Start play in the usual way by deciding on the level of your stake which can range from 0.88 to 88.

88 Fortune Gameplay & Features

There is a reason why there is so much reference to the number 8. It is considered a lucky number mostly because the way that it sounds when pronounced in Chinese is reminiscent of the word for luck in Chinese which is Fa. That’s why you see so many slot machines referencing something to do with Fa when they are Chinese Luck themed. If you want to not rely entirely on luck playing this slot, start by checking out the pay table which will provide you with a thorough run down of all the symbols and their associated values, multipliers etc.

88 Fortunes features two major mechanisms. We’ll start by describing the one that is most common to all slot machines and that is the Free Spin feature. Unsurprisingly, you need to land at least 3 scatter symbols in order to make it into the Free Spin round. That is where you get your initial 10 free spins. You can win more free spins during the free spin round so you could be there for a while if you are especially lucky.

The other mechanism in this slot is the progressive jackpot. Here you have a chance to increase the value of all 4 jackpots by landing Fu Bat Symbols that takes you to a coin flip mini game. During the mini game you are presented with 12 coins of which you pick 3 in order to try to find a match. When you do, your jackpot increases.

88 Fortune RTP & Volatility

88 Fortune has Medium to High Volatility and 95.85 RTP.

88 Fortune Verdict

Chinese Luck Slots are a great especially if you enjoy lucky slots. You may have spent a fair amount of time playing Irish Luck slots and need a bit of a change of pace in order to keep things interesting. This is a great alternative to step into the world of Chinese Luck slots with many of the features that are typical of these kinds of games. The more Chinese Luck slots you play, the more you’ll notice those happy babies absolutely everywhere.

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* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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