7s on Fire

It takes a very particular type of lazy, stupid or greedy to take a theme that has been beaten to an absolute pulp and then to just place a generic version on a low grade photocopier and pass it off as something new, exciting, worthy of your attention. Before you jump in defense of whatever age old version of whatever game it is you love allow us to be absolutely clear. We love a good throwback to days gone by. There is an artistry to taking a long standing format and stripping away all of the bells and whistles and still making it shine. That’s the danger of making a slot machine based on the simplest of simple 3 by 3 grids. There is no where to hide. Now you have to show how you can design game mechanics, or visuals, or audio in such a way that the player will give you some respect for your effort. But you have to show effort. And that is the opposite of what SG Digital seem to have done with 7s on Fire.

7s on Fire Slot

Game Info *

Provider SG Digital, Barcrest
Theme Classic, Sevens, Fruits
Reels 3
Pay lines 5
Stakes Range £0.10 - £500
Max Win x1,250
RTP 95.10%
Volatility High
Release date 24/03/2020

How to Play

7s on Fire may be an appropriate name when you realize that this is what you will want to do with this slot once you are done. This slot is so stripped down that there really isn’t much to explain about how it works. Line up symbols on the 3 by 3 grid in one of five pay lines in order to win. The most you can win is a not insignificant 1,250 times your stake. And that is all there is to this slot machine. The graphics look like something from a fourth grade computer science project that a disinterested student decided to phone in. Certainly this slot is a throw back to the 80’s but even then graphics looked better than the way they panned out on 7s on fire. 

7s on Fire Gameplay & Features

There are no features on this slot. That is not entirely true. You can buy high roller spins. The way this works is that you buy a set of 5 spins for a minimum of 20 each. During the high roller spins, the 7s are now wild cards. The kicker is that the value of all of the symbols are now halved. So you are paying a premium in order to discount the pay out. That just doesn’t make any sense. They must be doing this on purpose.

7s on Fire RTP & Volatility

7s on Fire has an RTP of 95.10% and High Volatility.

7s on Fire Verdict

It won’t come as a shock when we reveal that 7s on Fire is not one of our most popular slots. We think that there is a grand diversity of different games to play in the world of slot machine casino online and there are very few offerings that do not deserve a spot. However, when a developer so obviously phones it in, it makes you think twice. On the other hand, you don’t need us to tell you what to do. You are free to form your own opinion and give this offering a go. Let us know if you think that it belongs in the jackpot mobile casino.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.