777 Surge

If you can answer the question of how to take a well trodden format and turn it into an interesting and engaging experience then you have landed on a winning formula. That is certainly what Gameburger are trying to do with 777 Surge. They’ve taken the classic slot theme that has been done and redone more often than Winston Churchill had champagne for breakfast. The question is, how do you ensure that players have a good time and not feel like they are just seeing more of the same. It’s not an easy thing to pull off because you have to maintain a tricky balance between staying true to the original formula so that there is a pleasant feeling of nostalgia while also showing off how you keep it fresh and interesting. The best online slots do just that. They create an experience so that when you play slot machines online, you become so engaged that you loose track of time

777 Surge

Game Info *

Provider Gameburger Studios
Theme Classic, Bells, Sevens
Reels 5
Pay lines 20
Stakes Range £0.20 - £40
Max Win x6,546
RTP 96.44%
Volatility High
Release date 10/04/2022

How to Play

One of the best things about playing a familiar format is that you instinctively know what to do. Regardless of what kind of player you are, be that the complete nube or an old hand that has been round the block more often 1993 Honda Civic, there are some things which are always the same. You may like to live dangerously or on the other hand you have the most fun when you pinch your penies. The way you play is entirely up to you. You get to decide how much to bet on each spin. It can be as little as 0.20 a go or as much as the full montey which 40 in the case of this particular slot. The best thing is that you are playing in one of our fast withdrawal casinos, so the moment you have had enough you will have a very easy time taking your winnings with you and calling it a day.

777 Surge Gameplay & Features

777 Surge has two main Features that are worth covering here. The first feature is the mini slots. You’ll notice that from time to time you will land mini slot machines inside your slot machine (it’s a thing!). They come in different colours which dictate your max potential win. In order to play the mini slots you have to land three mini slots of the same color. You then get to spin the reels on these mini slots. Here are the max wins for the different mini slots:

  • The Orange Mini Slot – Max payout – 2,000x your stake
  • The Purple Mini Slot – Max payout – 100x your stake
  • The Blue Mini Slot – Max payout – 50x your stake

The other feature is of course the free spins. Land 3 or more scatters and you will receive between 7 and 30 free spins. There is also a wheel for you to spin in order to determine the kind of multiplier you will be playing with during the free spin phase of the game.

777 Surge RTP & Volatility

777 Surge has an RTP of 96% and High Volatility.

777 Surge Verdict

Gameburger has done a decent job in inserting some new interest into a well trodden format. There are a lot of studios that put out their own version of a classic format only to deliver a badly photocopied facsimile that leaves a lot to be desired. That is not the case with this version fortunately and you will likely have a good time playing this particular slot.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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